Invoice per Billing Period

As a buy-side client on AppNexus platform, you get to choose the level of granularity on your bills that works for your business needs. Our clients »

Name that creative format

Pop quiz: match the following five creative inputs to the correct format. (hint: they are not in the right order) One of the most common creative »

Introducing APP Check-ins

Throughout the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) open beta, we’re actively monitoring usage of the product. As part of this effort, we’re introducing single-question “check-ins” »

Prebid 1.0 is Released

Last week, the open-source Prebid.js project finally crossed over the 1.0 milestone, representing the first major version increase in its history spanning more than »

Geography Targeting Improvements

Accurate, precise geography targeting is a fundamental capability in digital advertising. To ensure that you can deliver ads exactly where you need them, we've invested heavily »

Enhancements to the Seamless IO

Buyers manage budgets in different ways. Some have very specific timeframes, strategies, and budgets, while others have flexibility to set or allocate budgets within an overall »