Announcing new updates to Advanced Deal Metrics

About a month ago we released Advanced Deal Metrics, a fast and in-workflow report to help buyers & sellers increase delivery on their deals. This feature was built to address common problems we saw impeding deal delivery, and we’ve seen great adoption, with many clients identifying and resolving deals that previously may have been blocked due to underbidding or restrictive ad quality settings.

This week we are introducing several new metrics and visualizations to further reduce the time it takes to get deals flowing, and ultimately help buyers and sellers to work together to maximize the value they get from their deals.

We wanted to make it easier for users to zero in on their most important deals and gain actionable insight into bidding strategy and yield management. Toward this aim, the new metrics we’ve built focus on two critical areas: win rates and deal spend.

Here’s a quick overview of the new metrics:

  • Total Impressions to track the volume of imps purchased.
  • Gross Win Rate and Net Win Rate to show how a bidding strategy is performing.
  • Total Media Cost & Revenue for buyers & sellers to see the total amount spent or earned on a deal, and allow users to sort by their most important deals.
  • Winning eCPM to show buyers the amount of their average winning bid, before it’s price-reduced.
  • Cost & Revenue eCPM to see how much is spent or earned on each individual impression, and provide context for yield management and optimization strategies.

Lastly, we’ve added charting so you can track how your deal performance has changed over time, and get near-immediate feedback on how configuration adjustments impact deal activity.

All of these new metrics can be dialed to a 24-hour, 1-hour, or 10-minute timescale, and are updated in near-real time from streaming log-level data, so that users can see the effect of a change to deal or campaign settings within minutes.

Thanks again to all of our clients for your excellent feedback on Advanced Deal Metrics. It’s clear there are still many more opportunities to improve how buyers and sellers transact with one another, and we’re continually working to make the process as simple and transparent as possible. Stay tuned for more, and please don’t hesitate to pass your thoughts and feedback along to your AppNexus representative.

Dan Meropol is an Associate Product Manager on Deals at AppNexus.

Dan Meropol

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