Announcing the AppNexus Status Page

Think of any public transit system – the train comes to a halt, you’re running 10 minutes late to an important appointment, and… radio silence. You’re not quite sure why it stopped, or how long it will be. People start shifting their weight uncomfortably and looking from side to side. It can be pretty infuriating, really.

Now think of the same scenario – the train comes to a halt, you’re running 10 minutes late to an important appointment, but instead of radio silence you hear the conductor announce, “We’re being held here while another train pulls out of the station. We should be moving momentarily”. Still frustrating? Sure. Better than the previous scenario because you know what’s happening and why? Definitely.

At AppNexus, we understand how important it is that our users stay informed when we experience an outage. To that end, I’m pleased to formally announce the AppNexus Status Page (

We post on this page when we experience an outage (e.g. Reporting delay, UI page down, etc.), and you can subscribe to receive real-time updates via email, text or via an Atom or RSS feed. No more waiting in a dark tunnel wondering what’s going on.

For Console & APP users, we’ve taken it one step further and will notify you within the product when we’re experiencing an outage. Just keep an eye out for the notification icon to light up. You can even click through from Console & APP to our status page for more information about the outage.

While outages are never fun, and we’re constantly investing in system reliability, we hope this page will help our users understand what’s happening when things don’t quite go as planned.

Kayla Taylor

User obsessed. Data driven. Product Manager responsible for our Customer Experience Platform.

New York, NY

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