AST Toolkit: A Publisher's New Best Friend

AST Toolkit
If you're a publisher that monetizes through advertising, you need tools to know more about the ads showing up on your site. You may want to block a particular ad or see who the advertiser is; or maybe you're doing some testing and want to make sure the right creative is delivering and rendering properly.

If you're using the AppNexus Seller Tag[1] (also known as AST, our Publisher Ad Server ad tag), that information is now at your finger tips! Simply add a few parameters to the URL of your webpage[1:1] and a small window at the bottom of your page will appear with details about every ad slot on the page.

Here's a screenshot of a page displaying the AST Toolkit:
AST Toolkit Screenshot

You can very quickly see important information about the creative along with links to your Ad Profile (where you can block this creative if you want to) and a stand-alone creative preview to make it easy to share this creative with coworkers.

Gone are the days of emailing back and forth with an Ad Ops or Support team to try and identify a creative that is serving on your site. Testing and debugging new formats is simpler than ever.

What's next?

This is just the beginning of what we hope is a robust and highly used debugging and troubleshooting tool. In future iterations, we will build a browser plugin so this information is always available to you (without having to manually turn on the Toolkit on each page), add API integrations to our ad server so you can block creatives right from the webpage/plugin, show ad call timelines, and much more!

You can help us continue to improve the product by flagging any issues or suggestions through normal support channels with #asttoolkit in the subject line. This will help our engineers stay on top of issues.

  1. For details on enabling the AST Toolkit, please refer to our documentation (AppNexus client login required) ↩︎ ↩︎

Scott Menzer

Director, Product Management. Responsible for our Publisher Integrations capability


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