Console Help Center Puts Information Where You Need It

Learning about how to use Console just got a lot easier: Introducing the Console Help Center! Everything you need to know to use all the features in AppNexus Console, is now available from within Console itself.

How to use Console Help Center

If you need help or some additional information while you’re working in Console, you used to have to open another browser tab, navigate to the AppNexus Console UI wiki, log in (with a user ID and password different than for Console), and search around to find the help you need.

The Console Help Center changes that. Now, once you log in to Console, help is right there with you! Access the Help Center here, or from the context-sensitive links in the ? button in the toolbar.

Key features of Console Help Center

  • Help where you need it: access how-to and reference information about Console right where you need it--in Console
  • Single-sign on (SSO): once you’re logged into Console, no additional login to reach the documentation is needed
  • Fast, productive search: Console Help Center has full text search so you can easily find the topic you need
  • Seamless integration: the Help Center is designed to look and act like part of the overall Console experience
  • Complete Console UI documentation: everything you’ve read in the Console UI wiki, you can now read from within Console.

What happened to the wiki content?

The wiki is still there--for now. Because we took most of the content straight from the Console UI wiki and updated the help bubble links and context-sensitive links to use Help Center, we'll be phasing out the wiki in coming months. This is a good time to bookmark so you can go right to the Help Center!

And don’t worry, this doesn't affect any of our other wiki spaces you may use, such as the API wiki or the Bidder wiki. Those are staying as is for the time being.

What's next

We're thinking of more ways to make Help Center better, but we'd love to hear from you with ideas. Let us know what you think!

John Wallin

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