Continued Improvements in Localization

Part of the complexity of building a world-class global tech platform is making every user, from Tokyo to London to San Francisco, feel at home while using your products. Satisfying these needs provides the necessary foundation to efficiently scale your platform across the globe.

Over the past year, AppNexus has been investing in localization enhancements which make it easier for our non-US users to work in their local languages, currencies, time zones. Here are some of the most recent updates that have been shipped in the past month.

Publisher grids updates

It’s now easier than ever to manage multiple publishers in different currencies! You can view all your publishers and their revenues in their currency and time zone. If you work in one currency, you can even hide the currency label column to get a more native feel. These stats are not approximations based on today's currency exchange rates, but the real deal based on every impression logged at your currency of choice.

This enhancement saves you from the inefficient operational processes which used to be needed to get a localized view of your activity and performance. Even better, we are actively working on extending this functionality to the remainder of the UI in 2017.


We’ve added local currency support to our most popular reports such as Analytics, Site Domain Performance, Buyer Segment Performance, and Billing Reports with updates to the remainder of our reports coming next year.

We've also changed all Console scheduled reports to now run at start of day for local time zones (3am to be precise). Bottom line, all clients will receive scheduled reports earlier. Reports should be sitting in your inbox so you can hit the ground running to start your day.

Local Currency Clearing

We now support billing in over 17 different currencies. This greatly reduces the currency exchange risk our clients’ need to manage while also improving budgeting and financial reconciliation in non-USD currencies.

Henry Stigler

Product Manager at AppNexus

New York City

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