Invoice per Billing Period

As a buy-side client on AppNexus platform, you get to choose the level of granularity on your bills that works for your business needs.

Our clients have historically had the choice to receive one invoice per month for their entire Member, or multiple invoices broken out by Advertiser or Insertion Order.

Introducing Additional Invoicing Granularity

We are excited to announce that you can now be invoiced per Billing Period. This brand new feature is a natural extension to our supercharged Seamless Insertion Order Object.

With the introduction of multiple Billing Periods (aka Flight Dates or Budget Intervals) per seamless IO, you have a way to tie back each billing period to your internal order management / billing systems. You can do this by adding external codes to each of the billing period line item.

By opting into the newly introduced 'Invoicing per Billing Period' feature, you can now receive invoices at a lower granularity and at Billing Period level. Having the external codes on the invoices enables you to easily reconcile with your purchase order / 3rd party billing systems.

In addition to billing granularity in Invoices, we have enhanced Console Billing Report to also include Billing Periods as an optional dimension

How can I sign up for Billing Period Invoicing?

It's simple! If you are using Seamless IOs, reach out to your Account Manager to put in a billing change request for enabling Invoicing per Billing Period.


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