Daily Forecasting Data for Adserver Clients

Clients using the AppNexus Publisher Adserver can now easily access a daily breakdown of forecasting data for their line items in Console.

Because both total supply as well as booked demand will fluctuate over time, it is not uncommon for the lifetime impression availability for a line item to appear enough, but for there to be specific days in the line item's flight where availability is constrained.

By way of example, consider this nightmare scenario: Without you knowing, a sponsorship goes live during the last 3 days of one of your line items. The sponsorship consumes all available inventory. Your line item gets no delivery in its last 3 days, ultimately under delivering against your advertiser's lifetime delivery goal.

With daily forecasting data, clients can now spot such risks before they even occur. At a glance, see whether a line item's availability will be sufficient for each day of its flight.

Equipped with this new level of insight into future inventory, our publishers are now better set up to either make changes to line item setup and/or communicate delivery expectations with their advertising clients.

To Use:
When editing a line item, hit the "Check Availability" button on the bottom left of the screen as you normally would to check forecasting data for that line item.

You will now see a bar graph like the one shown below, breaking down capacity and availability by day for the days remaining in your line item's flight. On hover, the daily figures are shown (e.g., notice the availability for Dec 3 in the graph below).

Justin Pines is a Product Manager at AppNexus

Justin Pines

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