Deal Metrics in Reporting

If you've ever bought or sold a Deal in Console, you've probably used the Deal Metrics screen, a feature we've written about a couple times before. We've had great feedback from our clients, noting that the information available in this screen has provided useful insights and helped troubleshoot under-delivering deals.

Deal Metrics Screen

We've also heard feedback, though, that the time ranges available, while useful for a snapshot of a deal's health, did not provide insights into trends across deals or buyers/sellers over time. The data was also not readily available via APIs, making it difficult for some clients to extract the information into their own tools for analysis.

With this feedback in mind, we started working on porting the data available in the Deal Metrics screen into our reporting framework. By moving this data into a report, we can now provide time series data (from "yesterday" to up to "30 days ago") that can be filtered or grouped by any of the fields available in the Deal Metrics screen.

How it works

Deal metrics reports can be found in Network (Seller and Buyer Deal Metrics), Advertiser (Buyer Deal Metrics), and Publisher (Seller Deal Metrics) Reporting screens by selecting the appropriate report from the [Type] dropdown.
Deal Metrics Report Builder

Once you've made your selections, hit Run Report like usual and voilĂ !
Deal Metrics Report

When will it be available?

Buyer and Seller Deal Metrics reports are already available today in Network, Advertiser, and Publisher reporting!

We hope you find this new report useful and would love to hear your feedback! Please flag any issues or suggestions through normal support channels with #dealmetricsreport in the subject line. This will help our engineers stay on top of issues.

Scott Menzer

Director, Product Management. Responsible for our Publisher Integrations capability


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