Enhancements to the Seamless IO

Buyers manage budgets in different ways. Some have very specific timeframes, strategies, and budgets, while others have flexibility to set or allocate budgets within an overall or per strategy timeframe. Some buyers are stringent and must deliver on every dollar (or they lose it), while others have discretion to manage budgets on behalf of their customers (within guidelines). Some buyers even have "unlimited" budgets and can spend as long as they’re meeting performance goals.

We’ve enhanced our Seamless Insertion Order object to support all these varying buyer needs and more.

Previously, the Seamless Insertion Order object addressed a use case that allowed you to create Billing Periods with Set Dates and Set Budgets, and our enhanced Seamless IO continues to support this.

Now, we're also addressing three additional use cases for buyers by giving you the flexibility to set your budgets and timeframes to better reflect your paper IOs or marketing budgets in Console.

For example, if your IO has an Unlimited Budget (as perhaps you’re trying to meet performance goals), we now support this set-up by selecting Unlimited Budget.

And if your IO has a budget but can run indefinitely, we support this set-up by selecting No End Date.

Finally, you can even set a Seamless IO to have both No End Date and Unlimited Budget, if that best represents your budgeting strategy.

To summarize, these new Billing Period options allow your Seamless IO to be set-up in 4 different ways:

  1. Set Dates and Set Budgets
  2. Set Dates and Unlimited Budget
  3. No End Date and Set Budgets
  4. No End Date and Unlimited Budget

If that wasn't enough, we’ve updated our Pacing options to better reflect our optimization system. You can still pace to a lifetime budget, set your pacing on your Line Items or Campaigns, or use a Daily budget.

These Seamless IO enhancements should make the process of setting up your IOs in Console truly seamless by being more representative of the way you and your customers manage your budgets.

Release Timeline

We will be releasing this enhanced Seamless IO to all clients currently using the functionality over the next few weeks. Watch our Console Release Notes page for the specific release date.

In the meantime, check out a short video that demos the new functionality:

And once released, you can help us continue to improve the product by flagging any issues through normal support channels with #seamlessio in the subject line.

Kate Barnett

Senior Product Manager

San Francisco

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