Ever wondered what your credit limit is?

Credit limit typically refers to the maximum amount a financial institution extends to a client through a line of credit as well as the maximum amount a credit card company allows a borrower to spend on a single card. Marketplaces like AppNexus that operate a clearinghouse use credit limits in the same way. A buyer can owe us up to this maximum amount before we impose limitations on their transactions.
AppNexus is rolling out an update allowing clients to see their credit limit. This financially sensitive information will only be accessible to Finance Manager user roles.

Your Account Balance refers to the total amount that has been invoiced to you but has not been paid. The Unbilled activity is the total amount that your account has spent in the current calendar month and is yet to be invoiced. When You hit Your credit limit, AppNexus will stop your buying capabilities. We designed this tool to help clients see how much they owe and manage to make sure they don't come close to hitting their credit limit.

This feature is also part of a larger suite of tools that we plan to provide our clients to enable more visibility and self-serve controls with their billing, helping improve a common pain point in the customer experience. AppNexus is working on other features to allow clients to

  • Choose and modify how they get paid (such as wire, ACH, PayPal)
  • Choose and modify the currency they would like to be paid
  • Choose if they want to get paid faster (early payments)
  • Decide how they wish to be billed (such as in arrears, credit card, ACH debit)
  • Manage whom should be getting alerts, invoices, statements
  • Update their billing information

We are really excited to empower our customers in this way. Reach out to Your Account Manager if you want to learn more about Your credit limit.

amichai lichtenstein

Director, Product Management. In charge of AppNexus Clearinghouse capability.


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