Geography Targeting Improvements

Accurate, precise geography targeting is a fundamental capability in digital advertising. To ensure that you can deliver ads exactly where you need them, we've invested heavily this year in our Geography Targeting features. Below we highlight some of the recent improvements we've made and upcoming projects that we're taking a look at now.

Automated GeoIP Updates

In March, we began automated updates of geography-IP lookup data provided by Digital Envoy. These updates improve accuracy in geography targeting for countries, regions, cities, DMAs, and postal codes. By automating the process, we're now able perform these updates nearly every week, providing you with the latest GeoIP data available.

If you'd like to review details of each update we've run so far, please visit our wiki here: Changes to AppNexus Geography Objects. An overview of the update process is available here: How AppNexus Geography Targeting Works.

International DMAs

Earlier this month we added DMAs from a dozen countries to DMA Targeting. Before this update only U.S. DMAs were supported. You can now target DMAs such as ITV Regions in the U.K., Departments in France, and Nielsen DMAs in Germany.

In Console, we've updated the DMA targeting screens in Line Item and Campaign Targeting to allow you to select DMAs per country:

Reporting on these DMAs is available via the Buyer Geo Analytics Report and the Standard Feed.

Upcoming Improvements

Below are some of the improvements that we're considering now:

  • Geotargeting support for IPv6 addresses. Over time this will expand the reach of your geography targeting as the internet transitions to IPv6

  • Improved mapping of timezones to geographic areas, addressing issues with combining geotargeting and daypart timezones

  • Upgrading from Digital Envoy's Edge database to their Pulse Plus database. Benefits include greater geotargeting reach in mobile, greater precision in postal code targeting, and ZIP+4 data in the U.S.

For more details on these recent and upcoming improvements, be sure to follow our Console Release Notes. If you have any questions, please send us a note via our support portal and add #geotargeting to the subject line.

Erik Savage

Product Manager

New York, NY

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