Get Your Logs Streaming

For the past year, we’ve been working with clients to test our new streaming log level data, and we’re now ready to make this openly available to any client who gets our log level feed. That’s right, all your log level data for every single impression, click, conversion, segment pixel fire, and viewability measurement can now be streamed into your own tech stack. The time from an impression occurring to the full data hitting your system is under 10 seconds. As one of my favorite clients put it, “That’s fast".

We’ve already had clients build on top of this feature for a variety of savvy applications. One client built real time dashboards. Others built real time feedback loops into our system so they can use their own in-house and proprietary algorithms for segmenting and scoring users. Another large trading client is building their entire tech stack based on streaming inputs and outputs, because they know that faster beats slower any day.

In order to receive the data, we can hook up our service to your Amazon Kinesis or Apache Kafka end point. We can also push to S3 buckets in micro batches if that's easier. Use a different system for high speed, high volume logging? We can likely build an adaptor to integrate with this service.

Clients can read our wiki for all the details.

Steve Truxal is a Director, Product Management at AppNexus

Steve Truxal

VP, Product Management. In charge of product development.


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