Upgrades to Carrier Targeting and Device & Carrier Analytics

Some good news for mobile enthusiasts, we recently made two upgrades that will make it easier for both buyers and sellers to deal with mobile inventory.

Carrier Targeting

We updated our mobile carrier targeting and reporting capabilities. We migrated our carrier dataset to a new service provided by Digital Envoy in order to provide a more accurate and robust carrier database than was previously available. You can expect better coverage for existing mobile carriers. In addition, we made the following changes:

  • Added 341 new carriers for 148 countries
  • Renamed 45 carriers to reflect updated branding and ownership
  • Deactivated 21 carriers that are no longer operational

You can view these changes in the System dialog when adjusting targeting for Line Items and Campaigns.

Need to target MegaCom users in Kyrgyzstan? We've got you covered. For more details and the full list of carrier changes, see our Console Release Notes.

Device & Carrier Analytics

We've also recently extended the reporting window for the Device & Carrier Analytics reports from 14 days to 45 days, allowing you to run device & carrier reporting for the last month of activity. The full 45 day's worth of data will be available on November 11th.

Erik Savage is an Associate Product Manager at AppNexus.

Erik Savage

Product Manager

New York, NY

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