Introducing Flash-less viewability measurement on IE11

At AppNexus, our mission is to build a better internet. We are pleased to announce that we have built a flash-less viewability measurement technology for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). This means a better user experience for the Internet user, and an improved viewability measurement for the publishers and advertisers serving billions of ads through AppNexus platform.

A few months back in our blogpost Evolution of Viewability Measurement, we discussed the use of Flash pixels in viewability measurement when an ad is within a cross-domain iframe. With our latest breakthrough, our new measurement technology will not use Flash pixels on any ad serving within cross-domain iframe in IE11 browser. The impact is sizable given that roughly 30% of the desktop inventory is cross-domain and IE11 browser is widely used. We already use Flash-less measurement technology on Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

Our new Flash-less technology has improved our measurement on IE11, as it is independent of users disabling flash and slower initialization of flash measurement on the browser. See the measurement rate for the last 30 days using our new Flash-less measurement on IE11 for ads within cross-domain iframe. We have observed a 98%+ measurement rate.

If you want to learn more about our viewability measurement technology or if you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or drop us a note through our support portal and add #viewability to the subject.

Ashish Chandola

Product Manager at AppNexus

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