Introducing viewability measurement using Intersection Observer API

We are pleased to announce that our viewability measurement now uses the Intersection Observer API to measure viewability in certain web browsers. Impressions served on Chrome version 51+ and Edge 15 (creators update) browser will be measurable using this new measurement technology.

In April last year, after some popular browsers released an optimization to HTML5 content, we updated our measurement for those browsers to move away from Flash-based measurement. Back then we wrote a blog detailing our update. In our blog, we discussed an upcoming technology – viewability API native to the browser – and listed its benefits for the internet publishers, advertisers, and users. For users and publishers, it will further improve users' browsing experience due to a reduction in common measurement script functions, such as polling or certain event listening. For advertisers and publishers, it should reduce the discrepancies between various viewability measurement vendors.

Since then, the Chrome and Edge browsers have released support for the Intersection Observer API and we have subsequently updated our measurement technology to leverage the browser APIs. Impressions on older browser versions of Chrome and Edge will continue to be measured using our existing measurement technology

See the measurement rate on our platform for the last 30 days using this new measurement method on Chrome version 51+. We have observed a 95%+ measurement rate in both desktop and mobile web inventory.


Mobile Web

If you want to learn more about our viewability measurement technology or if you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or drop us a note through our support portal and add #viewability to the subject.

Ashish Chandola

Product Manager at AppNexus

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