New, More Powerful Key/Value Targeting

If you sell inventory on a direct basis, you'll want to hear more about the new Key Value Targeting feature set that is now released and generally available on the AppNexus platform.

For many of our pubs with a large direct selling business, it is crucial to be able to sell effectively against custom site data, whether it's contextual data about the page or additional signals about user and intent. For example, if users often use my site's search box to locate specific content, I will want the ability to target my direct line items against those search terms on the results page.

Historically, the AppNexus Console provided a segment-based method for targeting against key-value data passed in from the page. The new Key Value Targeting feature set, designed from the ground up, provides a far more robust solution, affording numerous advantages over the old method.

Some advantages to moving to the new Key Value Targeting solution in Console include:

  • More comprehensive reporting
  • An improved, more intuitive workflow
  • A more powerful targeting solution

What you'll find with the new end-to-end KV targeting feature set:

  • Pre-definition workflow - Allows you to pre-define keys and their associated values for repeat use in targeting. Predefining values is not a requirement for targeting though, and you can setup campaigns targeting new values for keys on the fly.
  • Targeting workflow - You can target keys with both pre-defined and custom values.
  • Reporting - Evaluate the success of your campaigns with the new "Key Value Analytics Report" in network-level reporting, as well as a new key value log level data feed.
  • Updated, precise forecasting - If you sell direct guarantees, fear not, as forecasting is updated to account for your most complex key value targeted line items.

To get started with key value targeting in Console (or the API), see our "Getting Started" guide on the wiki here: Getting Started with Key/Value Targeting

Justin Pines is a Senior Product Manager at AppNexus

Justin Pines

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