Making Mobile Apps Simple

Approximately 35% of the inventory available on our global platform comes from apps instead of websites. That’s over a third of the opportunities to reach your audience, yet app inventory is still a tricky thing for buyers to get right. We’ve got lots of exciting features planned to make app targeting, tracking, and performance optimization "just work", but first let’s start with giving buyers better data on where they’re serving ads. Our reporting has been updated to get you the most up to date app name and app ID for every piece of app inventory, including all new data on Microsoft Windows apps (both mobile and desktop devices!).

But for most, dealing with app names and IDs is still a pain. They're difficult to brand check, specific to app stores, and don’t even get me started on SDKs sending bundle IDs. So to help simplify life for all our clients, we now include the URL to each app’s page in its respective app store under our site domain field in reporting.

To start using this data, pull any report in Console that includes site domain or mobile app. Data is also available in our log level data feeds.

For app publishers using our SDK or prebid offering, this app store URL data is also sent to all our external bidders along with app ID, giving them twice as much targeting information to better help you monetize.

Steve Truxal is a Director, Product Management at AppNexus

Steve Truxal

VP, Product Management. In charge of product development.


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