Kick off the New Year with Engaging Videos on Mobile

If you are a publisher with a mobile application, an advertiser with video advertising budgets, or just someone looking to enter the world of video advertising, we have exciting news for you. We have two big feature releases, one for our SSP clients and another for Mobile Ad Serving clients.

First, Prebid Mobile (formerly known as PriceCheck) now supports VAST Video ads in the interstitial ad units. Publishers will simply need to upgrade to the newest version of the Prebid Mobile module to take advantage of this feature. The new version will, by default, begin accepting VAST video ads without a need to any additional code. Video ads yield on average ~50% higher CPMs in an interstitial ad slot when compared to static images. Last but not least, with Prebid Mobile, you get direct access to AppNexus video buyers while cutting the high ad tech tax imposed by your current SSP.

Additionally, we have launched an Alpha version of Instream Video SDK for mobile apps (you can see a screenshot of the SDK in action above). Publishers who have video contents in-app will be able to access demand through direct, RTB, and mediated channels when using the SDK. We are testing the SDK with select clients right now, but you should expect to utilize new and innovative features through the SDK in a near future. If you are a Console client interested in this feature, please speak to your Account Manager. Otherwise, you can contact us through this page.

Shawn Hong is a Product Manager on Mobile at AppNexus

Shawn Hong

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