New Native Tools for Buyers and Sellers

Over the last several months, teams at AppNexus listened to clients buying and selling native, observed usage behavior, and experimented with new native advertising tools. Several new features spanning buy and sell side product lines came out of those activities. They are designed to facilitate and support the growth of native on AppNexus. We are excited to formally introduce them to you.

Bulk Registration


Native is a new animal when it comes to creative trafficking. Tag sheets are uncommon. Instead practitioners receive emails with image attachments and other native assets for the campaign in the body. While standard banner sizes like 300x250 and 300x600 no longer apply in the world of native it's still very common to see multiple versions of assets. Thus bulk tools save users valuable time when working to go live.

We designed the new native bulk registration feature keeping the way most clients receive native assets in mind. Users can now drop in all main images and then work from there to add additional assets either in bulk, or by editing rows one by one in a spreadsheet view (see the screenshot above). Additionally, users can delete, duplicate, and preview individual creatives before saving. We expect this to save users a lot of time when registering native creatives and early usage data supports this approach.

Available today to all APP and AppNexus Adserver clients.

Native Assembly


Native—advertising based on structured creative assets that are seller rendered—shifts several creative responsibilities from buyers to publishers. When publishers receive JSON instead of a HTML/JS snippet they must now do some assembly to show the ad and send transaction and engagement signals. Whether or not that work constitutes a substantial burden to a publisher, the fact is that native requires more from a publisher's tech team than banners or even video. We want to make it as quick and easy as possible for publishers to make this transition.

Native Assembly allows publishers to manage native ad product configurations in AppNexus Adserver. Publishers using Native Assembly store and edit rendering code and asset requirements in our database instead of client side in AppNexus Seller Tag (AST). This means publishers can deploy and make changes to native ad units without needing to make changes to sites and apps. In addition to storing ad unit configuration in the adserver, Native Assembly provides a template syntax to make writing rendering code as easy as possible. Full documentation on that language with examples can be found here. We are looking forward to seeing the innovative native ad products publishers come up with!

Available today to AppNexus Adserver clients with plans to selectively roll out to SSP clients.

Image Fit

The most common piece of feedback we hear from native buyers is "it's unnecessarily hard to make sense of varying publisher specs to scale native buying." Similarly on the sell-side we hear publishers complain that having to design around common image sizes limits their ability to truly take advantage of the seamless design opportunities native offers. The result of these frustrations is marketplace friction that limits native scale and monetization.

AppNexus can now scale an image down and crop it if necessary in order to meet publisher requirements and connect more demand with more supply. Besides amplifying scale for buyers and improving monetization for publishers, this feature will benefit consumers by elimating the latency from client-side image scaling. We will be rolling this feature out to more buyers in early 2019, and adding additional configurations along the way.

Applies to Criteo and DV360 programmatic demand today. Coming soon for APP and additional programmatic demand partners.

AppNexus continues to invest in native to create new marketplace opportunities, foster better consumer UX, and provide publishers with better controls over their property. We're excited to see how you will innovate using these features.

Alex Cone

Alex Cone is a Senior Product Manager for Creative and Privacy Product

New York, NY

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