Optimization gets better with AppNexus Engineered Features!

Good news for both buyers and sellers everywhere. AppNexus platform is making optimization much easier for buyers to get better results and reduce optimization effort.

We are thrilled to introduce “Engineered Features”, which are value-added signals generated by AppNexus to enhance our bid stream. If you are currently using viewability prediction rate, or Market Rate Estimation (Estimated Clear Price (ECP), and Estimated Average Price (EAP)) in Console, or have built custom models in AppNexus Programmable Bidder using the above to influence your bidding strategy, then you're using an Engineered Feature! Good news for sellers also, as these features are also made available to all our integrated external DSPs to help you get the highest revenue possible for your inventory.

In general, each Engineered Feature represents a prediction of a specific outcome for every individual impression. For example, viewability prediction rate is the probability of an impression being viewed. Currently, we have viewability prediction rate for both Display and Video in IAB definition & Video in custom definition(100% view, 50% duration, sound on), and Market Rate Estimation (EAP and ECP) as Engineered Features. Viewability prediction rate for Display custom definition(100% view, duration > 1 sec) is in the works!

We compute these Engineered Features by applying data science and algorithm engineering at scale, across all platform data. Our predictive algorithm uses historical data of relevant inventory attributes to compute the probability of an outcome at an impression level.

The Engineered Features will also be used to power certain optimization features directly within Console UI, placing this enhancement at the fingertips of all our Console UI users. In addition, Bidders can also create custom bidding models for improving optimization outcomes – a Console bidder can build a custom model in APB and an External bidder can ingest the bid stream to build a custom model. Our team wrote developer blogs illustrating the use of the video viewability prediction rate and Market Rate Estimation Engineered Feature in APB a few months ago.

If you aren’t optimizing your campaigns yet, we encourage you to leverage the power of Engineered Features in the bid stream. And if you have any questions, reach out to your Account Manager or drop us a note through our support portal and add #engineered-features to the subject.

Ashish Chandola

Product Manager at AppNexus

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