Rapid, Reliable Creative Previewing

Creative setup and preview is a core part of our Console product. A creative gets previewed in Console approximately every 14 seconds. Previewing creatives is a critical part of any pre-flight checklist. Our clients want to be confident an ad looks right.

As a tech company, we geek out a bit on improving much of our product under the hood. Over the last few months, we've been working behind the scenes to improve Console previews by generating every preview using the actual engine that serves ads in the wild. This is done instantly, even before you save the creative. In addition, now a single, reusable preview library powers every preview throughout different parts of our product, including creative manager, line item creative preview, placement default creative preview, ad quality creative approval, and others. You can be confident that you will see the same preview across Console, and that what you see is what you’ll get on publishers' pages.

We’re committed to continuous improvement because we believe preview is that important. You can help us continue to improve by flagging any issues through normal support channels with #preview in the subject line. This will help our engineers stay on top of issues.

Alex Cone

Alex Cone is a Senior Product Manager for Creative and Privacy Product

New York, NY

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