Speeding Up Ad Quality Screens

The Ad Quality screen provides publishers with ultimate control over the types of ads they allow on their site. At AppNexus, one of our core values is to "See and Improve the Whole System", so we wanted to see how we could improve this popular feature.

We’re excited to announce that we have completely rearchitected and redesigned this screen for improved user experience! By moving to a whole new coding framework, future improvements will be much easier and faster to implement. We have included all of the same functionality that the old screen had and will be adding new controls in the future.

The new Ad Quality screen features a quick overview of all attributes you have allowed or banned. Loading the new screen or opening up a specific set of attributes to edit is also much faster than before.

Here are a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure:
The old Network Ad Profile screenThe old Network Ad Profile screen

NEW! Viewing your Network Ad Profile and list of Publisher TemplatesNEW! Viewing your Ad Network Profile and list of Publisher Templates

NEW! Viewing a list of Categories to Approve or BanNEW! Viewing a list of Categories to Approve or Ban

The new Ad Quality screen has been released to clients using our Edge UI and will be released to all Console clients some time after the beginning of March.

Scott Menzer

Director, Product Management. Responsible for our Publisher Integrations capability


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