Streamlined and Unified Video Upload

You shouldn’t need a manual to traffic a video creative. Since launching AppNexus Video last year, we collected a lot of feedback on the creative setup process, both for video files hosted with AppNexus and for third-party video tags. By our count, setting up a third-party video creative used to require you to combine four different settings within Creative Manager just to get started. We heard your feedback, and are exited to introduce a streamlined and unified workflow for video creative upload. Now in one click you can add third-party VAST and VPAID tags to AppNexus.

If you also use AppNexus to host video you will find the new third-party workflow sits adjacent to the already simple hosted video feature. Either way, we want creative upload to be a seamless step in launching your video campaign.

We did not stop with workflow improvements. You can now add pixels to click, skip, error, quartile, and completion events. Tags are now auto-updated with AppNexus macros (if your tag isn’t supported, reach out to our Support team who will add your tag to our match pattern library). VAST Check now runs automatically and more clearly alerts you of issues.

Look for the new workflow in Console coming soon. For a limited time, you will be able to toggle in and out to get accustomed to the change. If you have questions or comments as you use these new features, please join the discussion below!

Alex Cone is a Product Manager who leads our Creative Capability.

Alex Cone

Alex Cone is a Senior Product Manager for Creative and Privacy Product

New York, NY

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