Target All Deals and Deal Exclusions

For brand spend, the buyer often uses a deal to meet the specific targeting needs of an advertiser, and a single campaign targeting an individual deal fits the bill nicely. But for some of our large trading desk clients, deals are part of a supply procurement strategy, and a continuous pipeline of new deals feeds their performance campaigns across multiple advertisers.

For these needs, we’re pleased to announce new targeting capabilities for deals. Campaigns can now be setup with either of the following options:

  • Target All Deals: The campaign will buy open exchange and all deals that your member has initiated.
  • Include Specific Deals: Campaign will buy only deal inventory specified.
  • Exclude Specific Deals: Campaign will bid across all deals not in the exclusion set and eligible exchange inventory.

If you’re out cutting deals with pubs to feed all of your performance campaigns, you probably don’t want to update your hundreds (or sometimes tens of thousands) of campaigns to target that new deal id. Instead, new deals will now be targeted by default for any campaigns using Target All Deals or Exclude Specific Deals.

Good news for sellers also. When making new deals with Console buyers, expect demand to start more immediately without the buyer needing to go through the heavy adops lift to get that deal targeted across all their campaigns.

Time to shake off the post-Q4 blues and get your negotiating shoes ready.

Steve Truxal

VP, Product Management. In charge of product development.


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