The AppNexus Programmable Platform Enters Open Beta

This post was initially published on our AppNexus Impressionist blog.

On Thursday, the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) entered Open Beta. We’re very excited about the opportunity for all our clients to use our new DSP and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Here’s a quick recap of our Open Beta release, why you should be excited, what you should do to get started, and where we’re going from here.

When did APP enter Open Beta?

On February 15, APP entered Open Beta and all customers in the Open Beta gained the ability to create an Augmented Line Item. This line item type offers access to a number of new features we’ve been working on over the past year, including Programmable Splits, the latest advancements in optimization technology, and our new approach to managing inventory and brand safety (which we call Universal Inventory Targeting, or UIT).

For customers who still have access to legacy object types, the default insertion order type has switched from legacy to Seamless IO when creating new IOs. Additionally, for any new line items that uses a Seamless IO, you’ll have the option to create an Augmented or Standard line item type.

What makes APP so special?

When it comes to buying ads on the open internet, you need a solution that’s simple, effective, and safe. APP delivers on all three of those needs:

Industry-leading performance right out of the box. APP comes with built-in optimization that can quickly hit your goals on common KPIs like CPC, Viewable CPM, and post-click CPA. You can also use first-party data to fully customize each campaign’s target audience and bidding strategy – without having to learn how to code.

Simplified media buying and automated workflows. With standard DSPs, your team spends a huge portion of their time on repetitive tasks like manual budget updates and inventory exclusions. APP can save traders two hours or more each day by automating many of these tactical adjustments and shortening campaign setup to a single screen.

Built-in safety and transparency. You need to buy ads that will be seen by real people without compromising brand safety – and you need to get those ads at fair, transparent prices. APP accomplishes this by preventing spend on objectionable content (such as porn, hate speech, and piracy), filtering out fraudulent impressions, and providing a clearer view into where your media dollars are going.

What you should do?

Here are a few actions we recommend you take as you start to use APP:

Read our Trader Wiki for a deeper dive into why we built APP and what problems it solves for our users

Register for an APP webinar. We have 20 webinar sessions from Feb 20th to March 1st

Complete the APP e-learning modules

Refer to the APP documentation

Where are we going from here?

Over the coming weeks, we’ll continue to work very closely with APP users to understand what’s working well, and what could be better. We’ll be monitoring campaign success, support issues, and our Trader Slack community very closely, and we definitely encourage you to reach out if there’s anything you think we can improve about the product. We’ll also continue to introduce new functionalities to APP throughout the remainder of the year.

Zach Kwartler

Product Manager, User Engagement

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