The Power of the Splits API: Customizing the AppNexus Programmable Platform to Meet Your Needs

The Programmable Splits API is now available and ready for all AppNexus clients to use. Clients that have existing integrations with legacy line items and campaigns as well as those interested in building new integrations should now feel confident developing products on top of all AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) services, including Splits.

When we conceived APP, we were inspired by the high-performance and simplicity of the Tesla. Similar to how the Tesla provides incredible energy efficiency and a great user experience for its drivers, APP offers optimization algorithms and a streamlined workflow that empower traders to achieve their clients’ delivery and performance goals. On top of this powerful optimization engine and the AppNexus Programmable Bidder, we built Programmable Splits in the AppNexus UI to give traders the opportunity to get behind the wheel and customize their buying strategies by bringing their own information and data. The Splits API now provides these tools to developers building on top of the AppNexus API.

Programmable Splits was previously only available through the AppNexus UI. Now, clients that use APIs can leverage the Splits API to bring differentiated technology to market, develop tools, and create and edit Splits outside of the AppNexus UI. Over the past several months, a set of clients have helped us test drive the AppNexus Splits API and I wanted to provide an overview of some of the success stories.

Example Use Cases

Custom UIs

One of the most common use cases of building on top of the AppNexus APIs is to build a custom UI. One of our clients built a technology stack that allowed traders to log in and manage budgets across multiple DSPs – including AppNexus – that offered an interface for reporting, campaign management, and custom optimization. This client reconstructed their integration with AppNexus using the APP APIs without any need for involvement from AppNexus. After re-building, this client was able to reap the benefits from the APP optimization systems and customization tools – including Splits – directly in its “Meta DSP”.

Another client built a custom UI servicing thousands of business professionals with no trading knowledge but the need to advertise their services and assets online. A user of this custom UI can login and experience a simplified workflow that allows her to input a budget and choose certain geo locations in which to advertise. An agent can also create a custom ad that includes her photo and a personalized message. The client’s entire business now runs on APP and leverages Splits for granular location targeting.

Trading Productivity Tools

An independent trading desk used the Splits API to build a data pipeline that allows traders to report out on granular targeting conditions available only via Splits. Particularly, the data pipeline easily extracted the segment setup of each split, which allowed traders to understand exactly which audiences performed best.

Sophisticated Trader Usage

Finally, we see many trading teams running API calls to complete certain day-to-day tasks instead of manually doing it in the APP UI, resulting in saved time and reduced probability of mistakes. It is now possible to automate the creation and editing of Splits in the same way, using the Splits API.

What's Next

Of course, usage of the Splits API is not limited to the above examples and we’re excited to see what other ways you will find to use the Splits API. If you have a relevant use case and would like to test the Splits API, please check out our API documentation.

Finally, to get updates for future product releases, sign up here and if you have questions or other ideas for Programmable Splits, please let us know!

Natasha Harpalani

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New York

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