Viewability Now in Our Mobile SDK

If you're a Publisher using our Mobile SDK, or a mobile buyer, then you have a reason to cheer. We're pleased to announce that the viewability measurement data for SDK display inventory is available to all our clients, both iOS & Android and irrespective of the SDK version. Please update to latest SDK for best measurement results. You can view the viewability report in the reporting section of your Console account (wiki).

The number of apps and in-app inventory continues to grow with the growth of mobile. At AppNexus, our goal is to continuously increase viewability measurement coverage on our platform. We have taken the first step in the direction of measuring in-app inventory by integrating with AppNexus SDK, and plan to continue expanding our reach, particularly in apps.

How it works

In-app ads are in webview (HTML/JS) while the App is written in the native code of the device. This makes the communication between the App & the Ad challenging. To overcome this challenge we use MRAID API. Leveraging the MRAID API, we access the AppNexus Mobile SDK to get the viewability related data for the Ad unit in webview.

We will also keep refining our measurement of in-app inventory as more inventory sources add AppNexus Mobile SDK and as we support more SDKs.

If you are an AppNexus client using AppNexus Mobile SDK and haven’t seen the in-app viewability data yet then check it now! Any questions, reach out to your Account Manager or drop us a note through our support portal and add #sdk-views to the subject.

Ashish Chandola

Product Manager at AppNexus

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