Why Peer Approval is Important

On June 4th, 1996 a rocket valued at $500M exploded 40 seconds after lift-off in Kourou, French Guiana. After a $7B investment and decade of development, why did this happen?

It was the result of a small human error: trying to stuff a 64-bit number into a 16-bit space. One small mistake, one big budget up in flames.

We all make mistakes. Some are small, some are large, and some are 8 figure whoppers. One of our missions is to minimize the mistakes a trader can make so that small errors don’t have large consequences.

Setting up a successful digital campaign requires attention to detail. Managing budgets, applying targeting, handling creatives that come in last minute can all impact how well a campaign performs.
Multiplied by the number of advertisers and insertion orders each trader is responsible for - even the most experienced trader is human and mistakes happen.

At AppNexus we understand the financial obligation and complexity that comes with trading and are building new trader-centric workflows. We build smart systems, but there is more we can do to help traders avoid mistakes like entering a number with an extra digit or associating the wrong creative.

The Peer Approval workflow on APP at the line item level, addresses the common problem of human error.

When Peer Approval is enabled, newly created line items cannot go live and start spending without another trader reviewing the set-up and approving it.
The reviewer can also reject the line item and add comments on what needs to be fixed. The comments are visible within the line item for reference.
When sensitive changes are made, such as new added budgets or a need to swap creatives, the trader making the changes can request another review by changing the peer approval status to pending review.


Peer Approval is not the only workflow AppNexus provides to mitigate errors. Safety budgets are another way of limiting overspend on your account. Safety budgets cap the daily media cost spenton third-party inventory. Safety budgets should be used as an additional layer of protection, but they are not a substitute for adopting good practices within your business to help prevent major trafficking errors. You don’t want to see your own budgets go up in flames.

If you'd like to activate Peer Approval please reach out to your account representative.

Saray Cohen-Martin

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